WUSHU- Saturday 3:30- 5:00pm           

     This class location is : Le Petit Cirque

                                             8717 Aviation Blvd.

                                             Inglewood, CA 90301







FIGHT CHOREO -            

Sunday   11:45am- 1:15 pm                                                     Class location is Le Petit Cirque

      8717 Aviation Blvd.

      Inglewood, CA 90301



Private training available!


Private training available!


FIGHT CHOREO -                           $20/class


WUSHU -                                         $20/class                           


WIRE-WORK-                                  $50/2 hour work-shop

PRIVATE LESSONS-                        $80/hour





WIRE-WORK Workshops- rsvp required

Thursday- 7:30pm & Sunday- 6:30pm

Workshops are at 2347 Pontius Ave. location


“He who loves practice without Theory is like the sailor who boards ship without rudder and compass, and never knows where he may cast.”

― Leonardo DaVinci

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