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Tim Storms- Head Coach/ Owner

Tim grew up in a small town in Minnesota, where he learned gymnastics from age 4, and studied martial arts, earning his first black belt at age 16.  He performed as a clown and juggler throughout high school and college, studying under world juggling champion, Scott Burton. He learned clowning from world-renowned clown, Lloyd Brant, and went on to found his own performance troupe, The Oddballz. Tim earned a degree in classical and musical theatre, conjunctively studying all types of movement, including stage combat, mime, and dance. Using the vast array of skills he’d acquired, he directed, choreographed and acted in hundreds of productions, including plays, films, and professional ballets. Tim ventured to Los Angeles, and became a professional actor, stuntman, and fight choreographer. While training Laurence Fishburne for THE MATRIX, he began specializing in Hong Kong style wire-work and Wu Shu kung fu. Combining all those various, but similar movement styles inspired him to create his own school, The Academy Of Movement Arts And Sciences. Tim’s passion is finding the synergy of all the different movement and performance styles he has studied, and conveying that passion to his students.

David St.Pierre- Gymnastics/Stunts
Laurent "Lohan" Buson- Fight Choreography

 Laurent studied martial arts and gymnastics at an early age in Marseille, France.  After high school, he  traveled to the Shaolin monastery in China, where he trained under the supervision of 2nd master Shi Yong Xu.  Serendipity led Laurent to meet fellow Frenchman Fabien Garcia, his future partner in Z TEAM,  on their shared first day at Shaolin. The monks’ tutelage lived up to its reputation: mornings there began with running 1500 steps up the mountainside, in blazing summer or frozen winter.  Laurent picked up the nickname “Lohan,” which proved to be fortuitous: it was a mis-translation of his name to  “luóhàn,” also meaning “the worthy one” in Sanskrit.  Laurent moved to Beijing Sport University and earned an advanced degree in wushu. He studied under Chinese champion  Wang Xiao Na and was also a student of the Shi Cha Hai Sports School,  home to the world-class Beijing Wushu Team. 


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