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At THE ACADEMY,  we’re passionate about learning, and it shows in our teaching.  Every student is given the very best training, whether it is in one discipline, or many, because our instructors are constantly up-dating their own training.  Because of this cross-over training, our instructors can guide their students to complementary styles of movement that will best help them achieve their goals!  All of these programs are taught in one facility, saving time, money, and the hectic schedule of commuting miles a day for various classes.   Let us help you design your child's or your training program today! 



“Human beings must have action, and they will make it if they cannot find it.”

– Albert Einstein

THE ACADEMY of MOVEMENT ARTS and SCIENCES is the life-long dream of Tim Storms.  

Tim's vision has been to bring together the very best teachers, each with extraordinary knowledge of their own field, but also the unique ability and passion to expand their understanding of their own movement style, by exploring other, related styles. They do this both by training in the latest scientific methods possible, and by constant research of current and past artistic movement styles.  This synergy of styles allows instructors, and in turn, their students, to recognize and adapt to the similarities in the movements they are discovering.  Every movement style has a base set of defined movements, that always over-lap with the base of some other style.  For example, a martial artist can greatly improve the form and technique of their art, by studying the graceful flow and extension of ballet. 


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