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Creative Action Development has created an amazing new short film entitled PHARAOH.  Check it out!

Alyma Dorsey 

Kelli Barksdale- Johnson  

Trisha Beharie 

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                                           - "The Academy is a great place to learn and hone skills

in film fighting technique and stunt training. I have enjoyed taking classes and intense workshops with Coach Tim Storms, his knowledge and experience is

first class! "


                                                               - " I am in love with classes headed by Tim Storms at The Academy.  I have left the high- falls, wire- work, and weapons

class not only with useful stunt knowledge, but a huge smile on my face from

the fun atmosphere that is created.  I look forward to more fabulous and safe

classes to come. "                                                           




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 "Action is the foundational key to all success." - Pablo Picasso

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