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Creative Action Development has created an amazing new short film entitled PHARAOH.  Check it out!


                                         - " The Academy's programs are awesome!  Chris Yung  started me on the Stunt Pro Track, combining fight choreography, wire-work,  high-falls, martial arts, gymnastics and KIX, for conditioning.  My skills have improved so much in the past 6 months, I have been able to book several jobs already, and I'm now considered a working, professional stunt-person!" 


Alyma Dorsey 

Kelli Barksdale- Johnson  

                                                               - " I am in love with classes headed by Tim Storms at The Academy.  I have left the high- falls, wire- work, and weapons

class not only with useful stunt knowledge, but a huge smile on my face from

the fun atmosphere that is created.  I look forward to more fabulous and safe

classes to come. "                                                           



Trisha Beharie 

                                           - "The Academy is a great place to learn and hone skills

in film fighting technique and stunt training. I have enjoyed taking classes and intense workshops with Coach Tim Storms, his knowledge and experience is

first class! "


                                            - "LA WUSHU is by far the most outstanding martial arts program in Los Angeles. Both my son (7) and daughter (5) have thrived under the coaching of  the LA WUSHU staff. The classes are exactly the right blend of technique, fitness and fun. It is hard to believe that in just over a year my children have gained so many skills and developed such amazing self-confidence and discipline. The instructors are very patient and super- engaging. They are wonderful role models for children of all ages. My husband and I are so thankful we have found a program that is family- centered. The most difficult part of class is convincing my children it is time to go home.   Both of my kids beg to stay longer each week. I highly recommend LA WUSHU to all of my family and friends. We wouldn't choose anywhere else!"


Lindsey Farris 


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We are resuming a few of our classes!  Though our Pontius Ave. location has closed permanently, we have re-started classes at various indoor and outdoor locations. Please e-mail here for locations and schedule information.

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